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World Bank tuyển Energy Specialist làm việc tại Hà Nội

Thảo luận trong 'Tuyển Dụng' bắt đầu bởi herohero, 9 Tháng bảy 2008.

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  1. herohero

    herohero Thành Viên [LV 1]

    Trên web chính thức của World Bank mới đây có mở Job Openings, trong đó có cả chức danh Energy Specialist, cả nhà ai quan tâm thì đọc nhé. Tiêu chí cao quá [​IMG]

    Link: http://extjobs.worldbank.org/...PK=64262364

    Nội dung xin paste ra đây:
    Job #
    Job Title
    Energy Specialist
    Job Family
    Energy and Mining
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Local Hire
    Job Posted
    Closing Date
    Language Requirements
    English [Essential]; Vietnamese [Essential]
    Appointment Type
    Term (Duration: 2 yrs)
    Background / General description

    The World Bank maintains a vibrant assistance program for Vietnam’s power sector which encompasses power generation and transmission development, power distribution system development, and low-voltage rural electricity distribution expansion and upgrading, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. In addition to a full lending program, currently (April 2008) consisting of four projects under supervision and three under preparation, the Bank conducts an active and wide-ranging dialogue with the Government of Vietnam, Vietnam Electricity and its subsidiary companies covering power system development, private participation in the power sector and market reform and regulation. In addition the Bank is becoming more involved in gas development, particularly aspects relating to power development, and the coal sector, again with the emphasis on the power sector.

    Duties and Accountabilities

    Reporting to the Manager of the Sustainable Development Program in Vietnam, the Energy Specialist will participate in task teams in the following roles:

    • Contributing to project preparation as necessary, including participation in the design and development of specific project components, defining project implementation arrangements, and coordinating inputs into project documentation and processing;

    • Participating in project supervision, including day to day monitoring , field supervision, review of procurement plans, assessing progress with meeting key project outcomes and indicators and contributing to supervision documentation, TF status reports, ICRs etc.;

    • Supporting the preparation of AAA/TA and knowledge deliverables in the energy sector, through research, analysis and writing.

    • Providing substantive support for Economic and Sector Work, technical assistance and policy dialogue with governments with an emphasis on energy policy, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    The energy specialist will be expected to develop strengths in one or more sub-sector areas, for example hydropower development, rural electrification or energy efficiency, and begin to take task management responsibilities for these aspects of the Bank’s work program, in particular for (a) studies and policy dialogue for the development of Vietnam"s energy program; and (b) if appropriate, identification, preparation, appraisal, negotiation and supervision of loans and credits;

    Selection Criteria

    The candidate must have at least a B.S. degree in a relevant engineering discipline, or equivalent, and a Masters’ Degree in engineering or a related field which provides a sound basis for development of a broad range of technical, financial and economic skills.

    1. The candidate must have at least 12 years of experience in several of the following: design, costing, engineering, construction, project management and financing in the electric power industry. Such experience will ideally have been gained through working in the electricity supply industry in Vietnam, in particular Vietnam Electricity (EVN)or its subsidiaries, or firms providing services to EVN.
    2. The candidate must be deeply familiar with the World Bank, its processess and operations which is likely to have been gained by working as a task team member on World Bank operations, ideally in Vietnam.
    3. The candidate should be familiar with the requirements for project planning, approval, implementation and procurement set down by Vietnamese law and regulations.
    4. The candidate must be fluent in Vietnamese, and proficient in both spoken and written English and should have a good communication style adaptable for working with a wide range of counterparts.
    5. The candidate should have proven experience of working well within integrated teams and with other work groups, to foster and build productive relationships with the Bank’s clients, and to be highly responsive to the daily needs, queries and requests for advice and assistance of those clients.
    6. The candidate must have the highest levels of personal integrity, and a reputation for a transparent and systematic work style.
    7. The candidate needs to be able to work under pressure, and to be willing to meet demanding deadlines.

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