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phillip hogarth hedgeworth

Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Master student at University of xxxxxxxxx

E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

• Box CDE, colgate station, hamilton, new york. telephone (315) 555-1234

• 4 stanton place, rochester, new york. telephone (716) 555-4569

literary interests

• Continued work in writing and poetry

• Focusing on the development of craft, image, and voice

• Study of psychological and cultural complexities of poems and poets

• Interest in works of pound, williams, lowell, bishop, plath, hayden, ginsberg, and rich


• Poetry writing workshop—professor bruce berlind

• Emphasized critique and discussion of form and content, experimented with syllable verse, sestinas, and various other rhyme and metrical schemes

• Short fiction workshop—visiting author david bradley

• Emphasized extensive revision of working short stories; four drafts written over course of three months, bradley stressed combination of creativity and discipline

• Independent in reading and writing poetry—professor bruce berlind

• Month-long intensive study of modern poets such as richard wilbur, denise levertov, and ted hughes; also wrote and revised two or three poems per week and met with professor berlind for discussions

cocurricular activities

• Cofounder, colgate university poetry society, 1995, organized and participated in poetry workshops every other week. edited and published poetry in the colgate


• Cofounder and assistant president, colgate literary society, 1995–1996, organized bureaucracy to tie literary aspects of the colgate campus together; ran poetry and short fiction. Workshops; organized faculty lectures and co-sponsored visiting writers; administered the first in a series of poetry, short fiction and essay contests; hosted informal group discussions on literary topics

• Poetry editor, the colgate maroon, spring, 1996. one of two colgate weekly newspapers

• Editor, the pallette and the pen, colgate’s literary and art magazine, fall 1995, contributed poetry spring 1995, fall 1995, and spring 1996

• Member, amnesty international, colgate chapter, 1994–1996

• Member, students for environmental awareness, 1995


• B.a., may 1996, colgate university, hamilton, new york

Major: english, gpa 3.7

Workshop, gpa 3.7

Minor: history, gpa 3.4

Cumulative gpa 3.4


denotes spring 1996 courses



Poetry—professor berlind

Poetry—professor balakian

Short fiction

Independent reading and writing poetry


British literature I

British literature II

American literature

Literature of the 17th



Growth of nation-states in europe

U.s. in vietnam (1945–75)

Formation of the russian empire

History of american diplomacy


Roots of western civilization

The modern experience

North american indians

International ethics honors

• Dean’s award for academic excellence; six of six semesters

• Edward wood scholarship 1995, academic excellence

• Allen poetry award 1996, literary excellence

• Runner-up, colgate winter poetry contest 1993

• Honorable mention, colgate literary society, fall 1995 poetry contest

• Honorable mention, world of poetry national poetry contest, summer 1994

• Selected member, colgate geneva study group, fall 1994; traveled throughout western europe; studied various international organizations in depth other experiences

• Lifeguard, athletic department, colgate university, 1993–1995

• Student worker, case library, colgate university, 1994–1996

• Carpenter’s assistant, alternative timber structures, summers 1993–1995 richard g. smith, contractor, summer 1995

robert g. rose, contractor, january 1993

• Lifeguard, marriot hotel, henrietta, new york, summer 1994
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