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Sales engineer commercial equipment

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  1. HoangLy

    HoangLy Thành Viên [LV 0]

    Our company is a well-known international company in air conditioning and ventilation industry

    1. Responsible for achieving sales results in accordance with set targets within a group of accounts, by contacting established customers and developing new projects/customers.
    2. Monitor and arrange for the shipment arriving southern ports for customer, clarify shipment problem.
    3. Liase with CSL Logistic Department closely on shipment status and answer all enquiries by customer regarding shipment issues.
    4. Handle to clarify the sales contract & payment terms for dealer/contractor/end-user.
    5. Arrange product presentation for contractor & technical consultant.
    6. Able to deal with consultant & submission of tender.
    7. Source for potential projects in responsible area.
    8. Compile market information on competitor’s price & activities, purchasing power.
    9. Co-oporate with service department about warranty procedures to present clearly service warranty to dealer/contractor/end-user
    10.Prepare monthly job tracking report on handling projects.
    11.Knowledge in contacting all factories & Sales office to get information.
    12.Periodically check on project status.
    13.Comply with the Cardinal Rules, EH&S policies, procedures, rules, requirements and applicable local regulations.
    14.Actively support the organization’s efforts to meet the Company’s EH&S goals and plans.
    15.Actively support and implement ACE activities and standards in the Company to meet the required assessment level and goals. Maintain the ACE Achievement Level achieved.


    1. Bachelor Degree in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
    2. Required a full knowledge on Air-conditioning & Refrigeration and trading.
    3. At least three years’ working experience in Air-conditioning project sales.
    4. Ability to work independently with all levels of customers.

    5. Good command of all English skills.
    If you are interested in, please send your CV in English to hoangly@firstalliances.net
    Ms. Nguyễn Hoàng Ly -Recruitment consultant
    First Alliances -HR Consulting and Recruitment Company
    37 Ton Duc thang, 6th floor, suite 609
    Office tell: 9102080
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