Coolselector®2 – now with compressors and condensing units


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Danfoss Cooling
Date: 09.2015

Coolselector®2 – now with compressors and condensing units

Danfoss has just released an update of the Coolselector®2 software which means users of the selection and calculation software will now also find compressors and condensing units in the software. Coolselector®2 replaces all existing Cooling calculation and selection software for refrigeration. The software can be downloaded from

Coolselector®2 has been updated with additional features and you will now find a complete calculation and selection tool which includes compressors and condensing units. Danfoss’ tool is market-leading and covers all major and minor refrigeration projects. From pump systems to dry expansion systems and large industrial pump plants. That means the software is relevant for all refrigeration and air conditioning professionals looking for a professional tool that makes the complex simple.

Coolselector®2 has been developed to deliver precise calculation, simple component selection, and intelligent support for industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning throughout the entire process.

The software supports three main phases of system planning:

1. Calculation to support system design.

2. Selection of specific code numbers based on capacity information.

3. Automatic creation of required documentation and reports.

Positive feedback from market
Feedback from the market is positive and Coolselector®2 is closing a gap for refrigeration professionals supporting them in their daily work.

“In a fast-paced world it is vital that an engineer can deliver fast, reliable system planning in a few weeks’ time from when a brief is given. With Coolselector®2, this type of stress is relieved and the market has responded extremely positive to the hands-on aid that is provided through the software”, explains Joris Kortstee, Industrial refrigeration sales manager, Danfoss.

Visit to learn more about Coolselector®2 or contact your local sales office.

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Neshalany Nair, Marketing Communications Driver - ASEAN, Danfoss Cooling, [email protected]

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