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Tp. HCM Tuyển dụng digital strategy

Thảo luận trong 'Tuyển Dụng' bắt đầu bởi ecoworldwebsite, 17 Tháng ba 2020.

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  1. ecoworldwebsite

    ecoworldwebsite Thành Viên [LV 0]


    Digital Analytics, Media buying, Digital Marketing, Project Management, English

    DRIVE is a digital performance agency providing clients with a data-driven marketing strategy, powered by skilled talents, reliable data and scalable technology system.

    We are seeking for our new digital analyst with experience in marketing digital optimization.

    He / she will be responsible for the management of projects and interaction with various stakeholders such as Brand, Agencies and internal consultants.

    The main responsibilities will be to:

    > Manage digital projects including the strategy definition,

    > Guarantee the tracking and reliability of analytics data, as well as insights jointly drafted with the internal team and the client,

    > Configure online reporting dashboards,

    > Monitor, analyse and interpret data, market trends from e-commerce platforms and analytic tools, in consistency with business indicators specific to the client’s industry,

    > Optimize digital touchpoints to increase engagement and conversion rate,

    > Detect and dig into digital and measurement trends that could be sustainable,

    > Support the business development team and contribute to business proposals

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